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Estate One, with extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Spain and a solid experience in prestigious real estate companies in the United States.

It offers its clients real estate services of the highest quality and a wide range of luxury properties, mainly in the Community of Madrid, as well as unique properties nationwide.

Our client portfolio is made up of companies, individuals and investors who are looking for a concrete and personalized real estate solution.

In Estate One we put at your disposal all our resources, ideas and knowledge of the real estate world to get quickly and efficiently the property that best meets your expectations.

We invite you to make our company your best option to buy, sell or rent your home, office, commercial premises or building. To fulfill these objectives, Estate One has the following services:

  • Innovative and effective system of commercial advisors

  • Personalized property search service through our network of agencies, the Internet, and personal contacts.

  • Advertising in featured real estate portals.

  • Strict selection process of the properties presented.

  • Advice throughout the negotiation process.

  • Legal advice and drafting of contracts.

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Our Agents

Teresa Lozano
653 393 602
Karen Oyarzun
620 812 036
Ana Aranguren
Agente Comercial
609 070 761
Beatriz Madrona
Agente Comercial
649 138 453
Marta Azpilicueta
Agente Comercial
629 656 786
Elena Aguirreche
Agente Comercial
616 970 570
Ana Gómez Escolar
Agente Comercial
696 959 056
Mamen Martín de Prado
Agente Comercial
618 454 461
Guiomar de Carlos
Agente Comercial
659 880 095
Laura Herranz
Agente Comercial
629 204 026
Mª Luz Jimenez
Agente Comercial
609 001 993
María Luisa de la Lastra
Agente Comercial
667 987 758
Alicia Ranz
Agente Comercial
615 536 011
Cristina Herranz
Agente Comercial
625 367 520
Silvia López de Carrizosa
Agente Comercial
607 902 557
Pilar González
Elena Romero
615 536 011
Mónica de la Fuente
649 626 189


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