Housing bought by foreigners

Spain attracts tourists who are also interested in the real estate market. In 2015, real estate deals, concerning foreign buyers, increased considerably. It is an absolute fact that our food and climate appeals to them and thus, they look for a second home in Spain. The facts and figures of the Spanish real estate sector, which were issued in 2015, show that nearly 70.000 houses (69.196 exactly) were bought by foreigners.

foreigners buy houses


In 2015, 13% more houses have been sold. Hence, we can state that more and more foreigners are buying property in Spain. Moreover, this is the second year in a row that sales have increased in Spain. According to the ministry responsible for public works and buildings, one in every five houses sold, are bought by foreigners. It is estimated that a large number of buyers decide to invest in Spain after having spent their holidays here. Foreign buyers take into account not only the quality of life and leisure that Spain offers, but also the excellent connections by air.

foreigners buy houses


The most sought after places by foreigners to purchase a property, are the region of Valencia, Andalusia and Catalonia where 20.219, 14.384 and 10.264 houses have been sold respectively. In Madrid, 4.951 houses were sold to foreigners. Ibiza, Tenerife and Mallorca are also places which attract foreign buyers. The customer profile shows that the British are at the head of the buyers as they have purchased nearly 20% of the houses. These are followed by the French, the Germans, the Belgians and the Italians. It is a good sign that most of these sales come from tourism. Therefore, we must  make sure that our tourist sector is always appealing and attractive.

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