Places with a lot of History

The beauty of Casa Gallardo

Casa Gallardo

Casa Gallardo, is one of the most representative and beautiful buildings in Madrid. Bystanders can see how each detail of the building is well maintained, such as its balconies with floral motifs as well as its turret and dome. Casa Gallardo is not just any building as its majesty and elegance do not go unnoticed. …

The beauty of Teatro Pavón

The beauty of Teatro Pavón

Teatro Pavón is one of the most beautiful art-deco constructions preserved in Madrid. It is located in a very traditional area of Barrio de la Latina. This small and iconic theatre has become, with the passing of decades, a point of reference for the neighbourhood. Also, in the area of the Rastro there is a …

Torres Blancas, a rare building


Edificio Torres Blancas stands out from the rest of the buildings because of its original and unmistakable construction. It is built with side-by-side cylinders which create semi-circular balconies. When it was built in the 60´s, it was completely different from what had been previously constructed in Madrid, as everything had been a greyish colour and …