Taking care of parquet flooring

Parquet flooring makes your house look unique. However, it implies specific care. What do we have to do to make parquet flooring look stunning? First of all, we must bear in mind that there are different kinds of parquet flooring and each of them requires a different care. Therefore, before installing it, you must take its specific care into consideration.

parquet flooring


Parquet flooring reflects elegance, distinction and warmth. However, not all parquet flooring is the same. We can distinguish three different types.

1. THE SOLID PARQUET FLOORING is the one we regard as the most beautiful of all, but it is also the most delicate and the one which requires the most care. It is made of natural wood and it is installed with boards of different sizes and thickness.

parquet flooring

After 5 or 10 years if you want it to have the same shine as when it was first installed, you will have to sand it. Day by day, it must be cleaned with a dry cloth or mop and you must avoid wetting it. We also recommend that, due to its delicate nature, high-heeled shoes should not be used so as not to spoil the floor.

parquet flooring

2. THE FLOATING WOOD FLOOR is made up of layers which are pasted to each other. However, only the top layer is solid wood. This floor does not require as much care as the solid one. It is more resilient but its aspect is not as attractive. In order to clean it, you can use a damp cloth as well as a special broom. A home remedy is to add vinagar to the water so as to make it shine more.

parquet flooring

3. THE MARQUETRY SHAPED WOODEN FLOOR is another choice, even though, nowadays, it is out of fashion. Nevertheless, it can be seen in countless homes. It is made up of solid wooden small boards which are glued or pasted together creating a geometrical design, such as squares, rectangles, zig-zag and so on. Unlike solid wood flooring, this kind of floor can only be sanded three times. If one of the small boards is out of place or is misplaced, then you have no alternative but to sand and varnish it all. This is why this kind of flooring has its drawbacks.

parquet flooring

Regarding cleaning products, there are differnt kinds depending on the type of flooring.


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