Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid

Teatro Caderón

The Teatro Calderón is located in the very centre of Madrid being one of the most outstanding ones in the city. It is very close to Puerta del Sol and although it is a centenary theatre it continues to host performances as though the years had not passed and being, at present, for the Madrileños a reference in the leisure sector. If we look back at the past, we see that in the Golden Age great figures of Spanish literature like Lope de Vega, Calderón de la Barca or Tirso de Molina made the theatre more approachable to Madrid society that responded with enthusiasm to every premiere in the capital city. Apart from being great entertainment, the theatre provided a new way for Madrid society of relating socially.

Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid
The façade of Teatro Calderón

Thanks to the theatre, the Madrileños enjoyed themselves and socialized. In addition, the authors and the interpreters started to receive a recurring income. Due to this theatre boom more and more theatres were inaugurated in Madrid and every play that was created was performed. In this blog, we already wrote about the mythical Teatro Real, as well as Teatro de la Zarzuela and Teatro Pavón. Today, we will write about Teatro Calderón which is an irreplaceable theatre hall in the centre of Madrid as it still holds performances that bring together, on a regular basis, thousands of Madrileños. Do you want to visit it?

Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid
Installation on the façade to publicize a musical work


Teatro Calderón is located in 18, Calle Atocha, opposite Plaza de Jacinto Benavente and very close to Puerta del Sol. It was inaugurated in 1917 with the name of Teatro Odeón and situated in a beautiful building which is still preserved . We must highlight its splendid façade with its classical and modern style decorative elements and its characteristic turret. The building plans were done by the architect Eduardo Sanchez Eznarriaga who also had it built arousing the curiosity of the Madrileños as few buildings in the city  were comparable to its beauty and elegance.

Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid
Theatre seats in the interior. Currently, the place has a capacity of seating more than a thousand people

It was constructed where the extinct Convento de los Trinitarios Calzados had stood. This new theatre had a capacity to seat an audience of more than a thousand people. A year later, it was bought by Centro de Hijos de Madrid and it was renamed Teatro del Centro. The most important plays of the time were performed there and it also hosted all kinds of tributes, concerts and social events. No other theatre hall in Madrid could be compared, regarding its facilities, to Teatro del Centro: it had central heating in the whole building, luxurious furniture, bathrooms, cloakrooms, large halls and even a hairdresser´s for the Madrileños who went to the theatre. In 1927, the theatre passed into the hands of the Duke of Infantado and after carrying out important alterations its name was changed to Teatro Calderón as it is currently known. 

Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid
The inside of the theatre seen from above


Given its dimensions, Teatro Calderón has been used, on many occasions, for lyrical performances. Throughout the decades, performances of zarzuela, opera, popular songs as well as variety shows were held there. Lately, important national and international musicals are performed there. Apart from its stalls, box seats and two amphitheatres we want to highlight its circular hall (a high-ceilinged space decorated with beautiful stained glass and a stunning lamp), as well as its rehearsal hall with a large mirror that enhances the spaciousness of the room.

Teatro Calderón: entertainment in the centre of Madrid
Advertising a show on the façade of the theatre


On 29th October 1927, Teatro Calderón opened its doors with its new name and on this occasion the play La Otra Honra by Jacinto Benavente was performed. Nowadays, the square with the name of this Madrileño playwright is located at the foot of this theater.

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