The housing market is on the rise

In 2015, the housing market in Spain rose more than 10%. This confirms that the real estate sector in our country is going through a good period. Some months ago, we already foresaw that this sector would be on the rise. We had this feeling because the number of mortgages increased and real estate prices steadily went up as well as the demand. Now we have the figures issued by the Ministry responsible for public works, buildings etc., and they certify that 2015 has been much better than 2014, which had been a turning point because it was the end of the negative growth of the sector.

housing market Spain


In 2015, 401.281 properties were sold in Spain, that generated 51.853 million euros, which meant an increase of 10.3% compared to the previous year. These facts and figures are the highest since 2010. We must add that second hand properties contributed greatly to this rise, as they generated around 45.000 million euros. On the other hand, new housing provided little more than 7.000 million euros. This was a foreseeable fact because in 2014, the main demand in real estate was for second hand properties. All this is very good news, although we are still far from the 2006 boom when more than 955.000 properties were sold. Nevertheless, in the last three months of 2015, the results have lessened slightly.

housing market Spain


The Madrid Autonomous Community is at the head of real estate operations carried out in 2015, with 10.103 million euros. After Madrid, we will mention Andalusia with 9.387 million euros, then Catalonia with 9.130 million euros, and further behind the Community of Valencia with 6.180 million euros. Only the Community of Castilla-La Mancha had worse figures than in 2014, as they decreased 0.8%. We can consider 2015 as a good year for the Spanish real estate sector. However, we must watch with caution how 2016 evolves and develops, so as to confirm this positive tendency.


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